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The Annual General Meeting of Shareholders (GMS) Infomedia 2019

25 June, 20190

June 24, 2019 – The Annual General Meeting of Shareholders (GMS) 2019 was held at Grha Merah Putih Telkom, Jakarta. The GMS brings out 4 main corporate agendas, the Approval of the Company’s Annual Report 2018, Use of Net Income for fiscal year 2018, Appointment of Public Accountants for 2019 Financial Reports and Determination of Remuneration for 2019 Book Year and Tantiem for 2018 Book Year.

The GMS also run additional agenda, Changes in the Management of the Company, where Infomedia Shareholders, Telkom and TelkomMetra, determined changes in the company’s marketing & Sales Directors from Andang Ashari to Benny Artono, and set the Board of Director for :

Managing Director – Niam Dzikri
Director – Benny Artono
Director – Riri Amalas Yulita
Director – Roberto Surya Negara

As well as changes to the board of commissioners for the 2019 financial year as follows:
1. Commissioner – Herdy Harman was replaced by Eddy Witjara, and
2. Commissioner – Dwi Hartanto was replaced by Devi Alzy

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